1. What is Causing My Car's Engine to Fail on Start up?

If the engine is starting, but then dies immediately after, this is a symptom that the alternator is failing to keep the battery at charge. If you get a jump-start and then the car runs smoothly, then the battery is the main culprit for replacement.

2. Is it recommended to make a battery change if I have jump started my vehicle recently?

If you are requiring to jump the car more frequently, then it is a sure sign that the battery is in need of replacement desperately. This is the easiest sign to tell that it is definitely the battery that needs replacing.

3. How Can I tell if My Battery is Dying?

There are five main causes that indicated a dying battery: - The Cranks of the Engine Will Not Start - The Interior/Exterior Lights Are Dim or Won't Start and Engine will not Start Properly - Inconsistent Battery Functionality - Added Difficulty When Starting Your Car's Engine on a Cold Day - Your Car Needs Frequent Jump-Starts


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1. Disassembling the Chevy Bolt EV Battery

2. Removing the Old Battery of My Chevy Bolt

3. Replacing the Battery in the Chevy Malibu

4. How to make The Proper Choice When Looking for a New Car Battery?

Learn all of the essential information that will help you make an informed decision when it is time to upgrade and replace your old car battery.


From our Flagler Beach Service Customers

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vaughn vytlacil     

In an effort to do our part for the economy, we decided to take advantage of Tom Gibbs Chevrolet's current rebate offers on the the 2020 Equinox. We have purchased from Tom Gibbs previously and get our cars serviced here. We had a good buying experience in 2013 when we bought a Sonic Sedan. When we arrived we were met by Sales Associate Anatoliy who immediately pointed us in the right direction. After trying out a couple of models and speaking with Anatoliy concerning the differences between the engines, we settled on the 1.5L 4-cylinder Turbo Equinox Premier. He sent us to the exact car in the color and trim we wanted. Anatoliy went through all of the features and we were ready to negotiate. Within a very short period of time our trade-in was valued fairly based on our research. We negotiated our offer with Anatoliy and finalized with Jack the sales manager within a very short period of time also. Caleb clearly explained and finalized all documentation and we were elated to be the owners of a new Equinox. The entire experience was by far the best of any car buying experience we have had in the past due to the knowledge and professionalism of all of the people we met at Tom Gibbs. It is evident that the culture and work ethic of the entire group is the goal of this dealership. Well done!!! We will be back for our next vehicle.Thank you so much for the positive review Vaughn! It's great to hear that you had a positive experience with the whole team -- Anatoliy, Jack, and Caleb. We greatly appreciate your business and working with the local dealership. We hope you get many enjoyable miles out of the new Chevy Equinox! Tommy Gibbs Tom Gibbs Chevy 386-793-3470

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Scott Kalb    

Great sales staff. The dealership is beautiful. I had a great experience.Thank you for your review Scott! I'm glad to hear our associate Matt Souza was able to show you a great purchase experience here at the dealership. Congratulations on the new purchase! Tommy Gibbs Tom Gibbs Chevy 386-793-3470

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Julie Wittmer     

This was my second purchase at Palm Coast Import Auto AKA Tom Gibbs Chevrolet. On my first visit in 2017, Nelson was incredible. After my vehicle was totaled the first place that came to mind when looking for a new vehicle was Palm Coast Import Auto. Neil my salesman and Andy in financing were amazing. It was a quick and easy transaction. They were an absolute pleasure to work with. I will definitely continue to recommend Palm Coast Import Auto to friends and family.Thank you for your review Julie! It's great to hear that you had another positive experience with our team down at Palm Coast Import Auto! Your repeat business is greatly appreciated. Tommy Gibbs Tom Gibbs Chevy 386-793-3470

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Kim Schuetz     

Hi Keith (Ray), You are an absolutely fantastic person to work with! If you ever need a recommendation, don't hesitate to ask. You gave us five star service!!! We could feel your honesty and sincerity from the moment we met you. Craig and I …Thank you for the 5 star review Kim. It's great to hear that you had a memorable buying experience with Keith Ray. We'll certainly pass the praise along to him! Thank you again for your business and hope you get many enjoyable miles in the new Traverse! Tommy Gibbs Tom Gibbs Chevy 386-793-3470


The Pricing of a genuine battery manufactured directly from Nissan is highly competitive. We recommend using genuine parts when replacing anything in your Nissan, including the battery. When using one of Nissan's original batteries, drivers will also enjoy a five-year warranty to cover any future battery difficulties.

You will find exclusive services offered in your nearest Nissan dealer, many of which include battery inspection and diagnostic analysis. Experience complimentary battery checks from a certified Nissan technician. If the technician finds any reason for replacement, the dealership keeps new Nissan batteries on-hand to replace immediately, if you find the need to make a change.

Advanced safety features and a host of new technology outfitted in modern Nissan models, a battery's performance is crucial. Choosing the right high-quality battery can be difficult, so to make the process easier, it is recommended to consult with a Nissan technician. Ensure your Nissan runs smoothly and all of your favorite features work properly with an advanced Nissan battery

To ensure your Nissan operates at its top performance, we recommend using Nissan genuine parts, especially genuine Nissan batteries. Due to the high standards of quality that Nissan has when manufacturing vehicles and parts, users will enjoy the highest quality repairs and replacements at low costs.

Nissan exclusively uses their precisely manufactured batteries to ensure you Nissan vehicle runs as effectively as possible. To avoid any mistakes or shortcomings of third-party batteries, it is highly recommended to have your battery replaced by a trained Nissan professional.


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