The New Chevy Sonic is Packed with Nice Features, but is it Worth the Price Tag? - Chevy has kept the American made standard with the Sonic. In fact, the Chevy Sonic is the only subcompact car that is built in the US. This is a unique trait for a subcompact car. Most automakers outsource the production to save on costs, however Chevy is staying true to their statement to ensure the subcompact car is American made. The Chevy Sonic does not offer any amazing stand out features, however, the Sonic does come at a surprising price point.

Complete rundown of the New Chevy Sonic - There is much to discuss with Chevy's amazing new 2020 Sonic. The Chevy Sonic is the most affordable option from the American automaker. This car may be barebones at its base model, however, there are a lot of upgrades going into 2020. This car does offer some premium attributes that other competition do not yet have included in their vehicles.

Inspecting the New Chevy Sonic (Both Body Styles) - Chevy has introduced two body styles for the 2019-2020 Chevy Bolt. These two options are the hatchback and sedan models. There is a selection of three trims that are available for each body style. The base trim is very bare bones and is still questionable whether or not the vehicle is worth the base price. In the higher trim levels, there is a nice selection of added benefits that make the car more worth the price tag. If you are looking for a budget commuter, then the Chevy Sonic can get you around no problem!

Taking a Look at the 2019 Chevy Sonic Review - The Chevy Sonic is something to be desired for starter compact cars. It is price effective and also packs a load of new technology and features. With a wide range of options that are available, the Chevy Sonic is not only price effective, but also customizable for a relatively low additional cost. Chevy has offered a high quality, yet highly affordable option with their new Sonic model.


Real Life Review of the 2020 Chevy Sonic

This user highlights the pros and cons of driving a Sonic after taking a long road trip in a rental. After this experience it is easy to tell some of the good and bad features that a car can have. The new Sonic makes a more enjoyable ride with its exciting new tech and smoot...

Walk around of the 2020 Chevy Sonic

Dealership review of their new fleet of Chevy Sonics. This video highlights some of the new features and functions that makes the Sonic a stand out performer in the class. Enjoy a hands-on look at the new Sonic and all the features that Chevy has packed into the most recent ...


Ford Fiesta Takes on the Chevy Sonic

With an emerging interest in budget compact cars, these two American automakers have changed the way we look at compact sedans. However, each of these models comes in a sedan and hatchback model. What separates the two budget vehicles? Find out much more from this video.

Review of the Chevy Sonic

This is a detailed description of the various trim levels and additional options that are available to Chevy Sonic buyers. With many options and choices, it might be hard to narrow down the choice that best fits your needs. Enjoy a collection of fun and entertaining points t...


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The Chevy Sonic offers a unique flavor to the otherwise bland compact car class. The Sonic is still outmatched by other competition. To see how the Sonic shines, drivers need to get behind the wheel to see the exciting new features that make up the 2020 Chevy Sonic.


2020 Chevrolet LS SEDAN

    Starting at $16,720
  • Trial of Chevy Connect and additional safety services that come with owning a Chevy vehicle.
  • Turbo Charged Engine with Optional 6-speed automatic or manual transmission
  • Safety Rated Surround 10 airbag System
  • Responsive Performance-Ready 4-wheel antilock brakes

2020 Chevrolet Premier Sedan

    Starting at $18,620
  • Remote-less Entry and Push to Start
  • Premium Interior Featuring Leatherette-upholstered seats
  • Deluxe Aluminum 17-inch wheels
  • Upgraded Infotainment Cluster and vehicle Information system

2020 Chevrolet Premier Hatch

    Starting at $21,520
  • Upgraded Infotainment Cluster and vehicle Information system
  • Deluxe Aluminum 17-inch wheels
  • Remote-less Entry and Push to Start
  • Premium Interior Featuring Leatherette-upholstered seats

2020 Chevrolet LT Hatch

    Starting at $19,420
  • Premium Painted Aluminum 15-inch wheels
  • 3-month trial membership to SiriusXM
  • High-Quality six-speaker surround sound system
  • Fully Adjustable Powered Exterior Mirrors with Heating


Can I Use Additional Cargo Space in the Chevy Sonic By Folding the Rear Seats?

There is the ability to fold the rear seating in the Chevy Sonic with a sixty/forty split to allow for additional cargo. This is a feature that many other cars in the class do not feature, making the Sonic a leader in cargo hold.

What are the Standard Technology Features Available in the New Chevy Sonic?

The updated Chevy Sonic's main new feature is the inclusion of the seven inch infotainment display. This display is a touch screen that can be used for a variety of purposes to not only control your music, but also help influence the driver's accessibility with the car.

Can I Get a Wi-Fi Hotspot in my New Chevy Sonic?

The Chevy Sonic has an additional option to put a membership based Wi-Fi hotspot in the vehicle to allow access to internet for seven devices at one time.

What is the Engine that is outfitted in the New Chevy Sonic?

Chevy has focused their efforts on upgrading the Sonic in every way. This is a new 1.4-liter engine that is also turbocharged to offer up to 135 horsepower. It is an exciting car to drive with this new powerful engine.


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